Pinterest + America’s Test Kitchen = FTW

For your daily dose of dessert eye candy, you can’t wrong with the Pinterest boards from America’s Test Kitchen: Bake it Better Just Desserts Great American Cakes Even French Toast – French Toast!! Pick and choose more here!

Deal-Crazy Mobs Not Always What They’re Cracked Up to Be

(Image courtesy of jenny downing // CC 2.0) The Boston Globe has a nice article and interview with local restaurateurs exploring their experiences with businesses like GroupOn and LivingSocial deals. I’ve used these groups once (post forthcoming) and had such a miserable experience I’ve avoided them. Let’s just say it was like trying to get…

Brain Candy: How Desserts Slow the Passage of Time

My new favorite public lecture series is Science and Cooking! Tonight’s episode: Brain Candy, How Desserts Slow the Passage of Time, with special guest Bill Yosses, aka the White House Pastry Chef. View more from the series here. Who’s hungry? 🙂

Nostalgia Eating

(Image by poptartsbox) There’s a great post on nostalgia eating over at The Awl called “Hamburger Helper and the Entropic Degradation of All Things.”  Writer Brent Cox beautifully describes his nostalgic love for eating Hamburger Helper and also his disappointment and thoughts about how the product may have changed over the years.  Yet he still…