Lulu’s Gone?

ED Update, as tweeted by Ashley Parker:Its essentially the same concept (cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods), but different owners. While walking in the North End this weekend, taking my family from out of town for their mandatory Mike’s Pastry run, I noticed that Lulu’s Bake Shoppe was gone. Their old web site is no…

Sweet Christopher’s No Longer Sweet?

I haven’t been over there in awhile, apparently too long, and it seems that Sweet Christopher’s may have transfered ownership and/or is now closed: Thanks for Supporting Sweet Christopher’s Sweet Christopher’s Closed? Anyone have any additional information?

Nashoba Brook Bakery Cafe Closed, Hopefully Temporary

Alas, yet another closing. This time it is Nashoba Brook Bakery’s cafe in the South End. Here is a note from the owners: To Our Customers: As you may have heard, Nashoba Brook Bakery closed our cafĂ© in Boston. Our last day of operation was December 23rd. We were very disappointed to leave our home…

Sweet Finnish Finished?

There is news in the Jamaica Plain Gazette about the possible demise of Sweet Finnish Bakery. I certainly hope this isn’t the case as I recently enjoyed the sweet understatement of this bakery. Sweet Finnish’s web site still appears to be working and has no additional news or disputing of the report.

Spotted Apron Lost its Spot?

Has anyone heard any news on the fate of the Spotted Apron in Beacon Hill? A couple of blog posts here and here are claiming that the Spotted Apron has closed its doors. If so that would be a shame. After reading about the Spotted Apron in this Boston Globe article I was eagerly looking…