Heh. 🙂 more cat pictures

Meow Mix

Alas, I am unable to resist the charm of I can has Cheezburger: see more crazy cat pics

Updated Link for Stephen Colbert’s American Apple Pie

It’s probably obvious that I am taking a course this semester and have not posted on bakeries, but rest assured, I have a few posts coming that I hope to update soon. In the meantime, enjoy the updated links for Stephen Colbert’s American Apple Pie segment with Gloria Steinam and Jane Fonda!

"Rum Nut" Muffins for Charity

I’m sitting here trying to freak out in peace over an upcoming presentation later this afternoon and yet the folks at TMZ keep me smiling. I get a cheap thrill when current events and baked goods collide, especially when a portion of the profits go to charity. Read more here: Britney Is a Nut ……

Time to Eat the Doughnuts, Part II

While doing an image search for “Dunkin Donuts” I came across this picture found here. This image definitely comes to mind when thinking about the Dunkin Donuts Glazed Chocolate Cake Stick, or chocolate stick, doughnut. If you’re heading into Dunkin for your caffeine fix (have you tried the Vanilla Spice iced coffee yet? Yum!) I…