It’s the Great Pumpkin Spice, Charlie Brown

I’m just going to warn you. This is an extremely controversial stance you are about to read. It’s ok if you don’t agree. In fact, it’s beautiful that we don’t have to. You’ll see why.

The 5 Best Things I Ate This Summer

5: Flour (Boston Metro): Lavender Thyme Lemon Bar I’m a sucker for citrus. As such, I’m a shoe-in for a good lemon bar. I’m also obsessed with Flour Bakery (and Joanne Chang). But I will not apologize for sharing how delicious this lemon bar was. It can be challenging to combine lavender and lemon and…


Anyone who’s been in the CambridgeSide Galleria over the past few months, years even, has seen the giant shift in the design and shopping experience offered. I wouldn’t call this a tourist destination, but I spent 4 years of my 20s working at this mall, which is where I met OG Fussy Eater (Karen Zgoda)….

Welcome Josh as Fussy Eater Contributor

Hello fellow fussy eaters! My name is Josh and I’m Fussy eater’s newest contributing blogger. I’m a good friend of the original Fussy Eater, Karen Zgoda. She invited me to post here from time-to-time. Our tastes are slightly different, but we both value the experience that food can bring to a community and want to…