Are You Tenured? Your Vodka Could Be.

Josh was kind enough to open his home recently so we could have pizza, experiment with vodka drinks, and catch up. We were also fortunate to receive a free bottle of Tenure Vodka to play with too!

Tenure England hails from a distillery in England founded in 1761 that specializes in crafting this spirit from only British non-GMO grains. The result is a perfectly distilled, smooth vodka. You can find this vodka for around $22 at Cambridge Spirits, Kappy’s Medford, and Burlington Wine & Spirits.  Tenure is exclusively available in Massachusetts right now in the US. 

Before diving into cocktails, I had a shot to get to know this vodka better without distractions. Given the low price point, I was surprised by how unexpectedly smooth this vodka was. There was no bite with the taste itself and no lingering aftertaste that made your mouth feel like it was on fire. I found Tenure Vodka to be more smooth than straight Ketel One Vodka and much more smooth than Tito’s.

Here is our favorite cocktail from the evening:

Spiked Caramel Apple Cider

1 750ML Bottle Tenure England Vodka

½ Gallon Apple Cider

½ Cup Caramel Syrup or to personal taste (recommended: Torani Caramel Syrup)

3 Tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice or to personal taste

*Optional: 1 Cup Ginger Ale if you like it bubbly

Combine all ingredients into pitcher or punch bowl.

Can be served chilled or at room temperature 

If you’re looking for a boozy way to use up those extra cranberries on Thanksgiving, check out this fizzy, vodka-based cocktail courtesy of Martha Stewart.

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