Your I Can’t Even Pumpkin Spice Guide to Fall

We both know you have a six-pack of Shipyard Pumpkinhead in your fridge. We get it and, to be fair, it IS totally delicious. Have you seen their Pumpkinhead cocktail recipes? It’s enough to tempt the least basic of bitches.

Here are some ideas on enjoying Fall without pumpkin spice:

Go Full Apple Cider

Yes, there are major differences between apple cider and apple juiceMy absolute favorite apple cider in the world is Mayer Bros. from my hometown in upstate New York. I have usually been able to find it at Market Basket, although some may find it in their Sam’s Club as well. If leaf-peeping is more your thing, find fresh apple cider in Masssachusetts or Vermont cider mills.

Pro tip: apple cider makes a great base for a green veggie smoothie. That leftover spinach or kale that you threw in the freezer has never tasted better!

Take your cider game up a notch by adding donuts and alcohol:


If you have a sweet tooth, particularly for brown sugar, this is the hard cider for you. Suggested pairing: powdered sugar mini donuts or plain old fashioned donuts:


What other fruits are in season?

Other fun seasonal alcohols without pumpkin include our beloved local cranberries and this Crantucket:

The packaging calls this IPA “brunchable” and I have no reason to disagree. Just add almond croissants!

What about weird and awesome alcohols?

Have you considered fermented kombucha but with alcohol?

Suggested pairing: Goat Cheese Cheesecake

That’s great but I need a classic.

Fall also means the return of seasonal staples like Harpoon‘s Flannel Friday:

I’m all about loving beer and loving life. Suggested pairing: football.

But what if it’s cold and I want to stay inside and eat peanut butter cups until Spring?

Sweata weatha isn’t your thing ITS TOTALLY FINE SNOWBIRD. There are still fun seasonal treats to enjoy! For example this Evil Genius offering:

Or this delightfully nostalgic offering from Night Shift:

Suggested pairing: Netflix and a wood-burning stove. Season 5 of Schitt’s Creek is FINALLY available on Netflix – stay in and enjoy the best show currently on tv!

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