Donuts with a Difference

I love the cheap thrill of discovering a new local spot that I believe others will enjoy. I wasn’t looking to find Donuts with a Difference but I’m sure glad I did. I got my haircut today and grabbed lunch at the Chicken & Rice Guys in Medford afterwards. When I asked the friendly staff where I could find some coffee, they suggested Mystic Coffee a short 2 minute walk just around the corner. While turning the corner, I noticed a tiny donut shop across the street:

To be honest, it could be pitch black outside and I could still see a DONUTS sign. It was about 2:30pm so it was quiet, with only one customer sitting at a long counter and one employee when I walked in. I loved the low-key, no frills atmosphere. For me, this is the easiest environment to relax in, and a wall of amazing donuts sure helps with relaxation. I tried the lemon glaze and the Boston cream:

I was in love with this donut at first bite, what with its sweet, sugary glaze and soft, flaky layers. The lemon filling was sweet and lemony tasting.

I don’t normally eat Boston cream donuts but this one was fantastic. The topping had a satisfying, deep chocolate taste.

I think it’s important to note just how fantastic these donuts were many hours after they were probably prepared. I didn’t eat them until early evening when I got home and they still tasted fresh. No wonder they won Boston Magazine’s Best Doughnut of 2014!

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