Nutella Pizza at MAST’ is as Good as it Sounds

I recently had the pleasure of eating at MAST’, a truly authentic Southern Italian restaurant located near Park Street.

Everything required to make the most authentic Neapolitan pizza is imported from Italy, from the flour to the tomatoes to the hundred-year-old oven to the cooks themselves!

One of the helpful waitstaff, Tessa, created this video to show you the chef in pizza-making action:

I sampled a variety of pizzas for lunch. Because the oven is so hot, the pizza cooks in the oven for less then 1 minute. If you have not had traditional Neapolitan wood-fired pizza before, the pizza dough itself is likely different than what you might expect. It has a complex flavor and rich, chewy texture and is so delicious it encourages eating slice after slice. All I’m saying is plan your carbs that day accordingly because you will want to indulge.

Here is the Margherita pizza with San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, basil, and olive oil:

Here is the Zucca pizza with pumpkin squash creme, fior di latte, and spezia, which takes advantage of the pumpkin flavor. No lame pumpkin spice here!
Here is the Capriciosa with artichoke hearts, Prosciutto cotto ham, olives, fior di latte, and San Marzano tomatoes. 
Here is the best part of MAST’ – NUTELLA. Here is their Nutella wall:
The Nutella pizza, which is so good that upon tasting, you start trying to figure out ways to hoard it from others: 

Here are photos of the owners. Thank you for the fantastic lunch!

** Editor’s note: lunch was provided by MAST’

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