Live Candy Cane Making Demo at Tuck’s Candy Shop

Last week I had the pleasure of checking out one of my favorite holiday traditions – the candy cane making demonstration at Tuck’s Candy Shop! Located about an hour’s drive north of Boston (and accessible by commuter rail with a short walk), Rockport is on the tip of Cape Ann, Massachusetts.  You have likely seen the most famous image from town, referred to as Motif No. 1, in Bearskin Neck wharf because it is photographed so often:

Although one might think of it as a summer destination to visit the beach and cute shops, it is fun to walk around even this time of year. Many shops are still open and the temperature is unseasonably warm. Being so close to the water will make you crave seafood but be aware that everyone else will have the same thought and plan your lunch or dinner table-waiting accordingly.

I was super excited to revisit Tuck’s. I hadn’t been there in years and was excited to go there!

Here is the candy-making demonstration schedule:

Here is an overview of the entire process with feedback from the candy makers. The taller gentleman mentioned that he is a third generation candy maker:

The curving and setting of the candy canes:

I believe the last demonstration of the season will be on December 20. Have fun!

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