More Frozen Custard Options with BurgerFi

Were you aware that there are now at least three places you could get frozen custard in town? At least I’ve sampled the three I’m aware of (and if I’m missing any kindly drop me a clue). I haven’t been to Abbott’s Frozen Custard in awhile although I would love a revisit. I blogged a previous visit to Shake Shack and, coincidentally, this reminded me the most of tonight’s visit to BurgerFi in West Roxbury.

There are a number of similarities between Shake Shack and BurgerFi. Both use all natural ingredients.

Both are from outside Massachusetts and use industrial design.

Both serve good burgers in a wax paper holder. Behold clockwise from left, the BurgerFi cheeseburger, VegeFi burger served on lettuce bun, the Breakfast All Day burger, and the Chicago Style dog.

Check out this table – these folks are having an awesome time inhaling their pile of burgers.

With so many similarities, I suppose the neighborhood you’re willing to travel to will likely determine which one you visit. Unless you want these fries with parmesan cheese & herb topping and garlic dipping sauce (bottom right). Note the chili (middle container below) is mainly meat and contains no beans.

Most importantly, they both serve frozen custard and there are significant differences in their custards.  At Shake Shack, their frozen custard is blended together into what they call a Concrete, which is similar in consistency to a McFlurry at McDonald’s or a Blizzard at Dairy Queen. The result is a thick mixture served in a large cup that you eat with a spoon. Personally, I’m not a fan of this consistency but among friends I have the minority opinion. When I go to Shake Shack I always ask them not to blend my frozen custard so I can enjoy the individual topping flavors blending in my mouth. Here are BurgerFi’s vanilla frozen custard with rainbow sprinkles and the red velvet concrete.

Note, the red velvet concrete at BurgerFi is smushed and packed together, not blended. Both were smooth, creamy, and delicious. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and if you see manager Nick ask him to prove how thick the red velvet concrete is.

(Editor’s note: BurgerFi comped the meal)

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