Eating Your Way Through Autumn

So I’m taking a short break from dissertation editing and fretting about academic life to notice that the Red Sox are winning things and apparently it is Fall already. Hello outside world!

While anything with pumpkin typically wins the “eating your way through Autumn” award, I’d like to suggest a couple alternatives. This morning while running to be on time to life, I finally had a chance to sample the Apple Cider donut at Honey Dew:

This snack was prefaced with an amazing chicken sausage sandwich,
folks concerned about your dessert blogger’s morning nutrition.
Yes I will be taking that post-lunch walk.

Being from Buffalo, NY and growing up near Mayer Bros. Cider Mill, I was super excited to try this donut. It was good! There was a soft, sugary glaze on the outside and normal cakey donut on the inside. What made this donut memorable and blogable was the apple taste. This donut actually has apples in it! You can tell by the sweet applely aftertaste that lingers in your mouth after each bite. At $1/donut, you should definitely try one.

While on a writing weekend out in western MA, I bought a carton of husk cherries, which I had never tried before. If you’re new to them too here is what they look like:

husk cherries (ground cherries)
Husk cherries wrapped. Image sourceSome rights reserved by kthread
Husk cherries unwrapped. Image source. Some rights reserved by karendotcom127

Here are a bunch of yummy recipes using husk cherries.

Lastly, because I’m not sure you’re allowed to Autumn in New England without something pumpkin, I recommend the Pumpkin Spice Caramel candies at Peet’s Coffee. Here’s my post of them from a few years ago – enjoy!

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