Don’t Smush Your Custard

So this is my second visit to Shake Shack. The first time I was here, I was super excited to try the frozen custard desserts in addition to the burgers. In Shake Shack terms, this means ordering something called a Concrete, “dense frozen custard ice cream blended at high speed with mix-ins.”

I had tried the Revere Tracks which contains vanilla custard, cheesecake blondie, peanut butter sauce, and chocolate sprinkles. It was good, dense, tasty, but I wasn’t in love. 
Tonight, however, I asked for my custard non-blended and it made all the difference. I grew up in Buffalo, NY, where fantastic frozen custard can be found anywhere, including gas stations (not a typo). Tonight at Shake Shack I ordered a vanilla frozen custard with chocolate sauce and chocolate toffee mix-ins. 

Even the server was like “this looks good” when she brought it out to me! It was smooth, creamy, and silky in my mouth. The sauce tasted fudgy and smooth and chocolately. But the chocolate toffee chunks on top almost stole the show. These toffee chunks were no Skör candy bar chopped up. They had crispy toffee filling on the inside surrounded by smooth chocolate on the outside, with a pleasing buttery aftertaste. Since I’m defending my dissertation next week (!) nearby [Update this has been postponed…again], I might be back here a couple more times in the near future. Because no dissertation is complete without bacon cheeseburger grease.

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