Crepes for Dinner

So you might have guessed I’m pretty fantastic at using food to bribe myself to work on my dissertation. Tonight this path took me to one of my favorite spots in all of Boston, Trident Booksellers & Cafe
Here are tonight’s specials:
I took a photo of the menu because I’m not going to remember more than 3 ingredients in anything. I am looking forward to the day, if ever, when this “list every food ingredient found in Wikipedia” trend is over. I tried the Blueberry Pomegranate Creamsicle crepe special. Look at this:

My initial reaction to my first taste was literally “Holy hell. This is amazing.” As you probably gathered from previous blog posts, I tend to only blog items or places that cause this sort of reaction. Even still, I was surprised with how immediate this reaction was and how it lingered during every bite. I may never in my life research just what exactly a blueberry pomegranate reduction sauce is, how it occurs, and if it requires some sort of annual payment to Martha Stewart (see dissertation comment above for current research fixations), but I can tell you that it should be embedded in fluffy crepes, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, with just a hint of chocolate sauce drizzled on top. 

My breakfast for dinner was paired with a cranberry mimosa and a side of bacon. A woman aged 105 years old recently credited bacon as the reason she lived so long. I would totally invite her out for some bacon, wouldn’t you?
Here is a photo of the complete meal experience. Bon appetite, mes amis!

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