New Baking Show Needs Bakers – Apply Today!

CBS is hosting a new competitive baking show featuring amateur bakers that sounds fun! Here are the details:


Are you a passionate amateur baker? Can you whip up an impressive cake, tart, or loaf of bread? 

Image courtesy of Flashy Soup Can // CC 2.0

You may be the perfect candidate for an exciting new competition baking series on CBS!

Amateur skilled bakers will compete against one another in baking challenges that will test every aspect of their baking skills. At the end of the competition, one baker will ultimately be crowned the winner. The series follows the trials and tribulations of the competitors – young, old, from every background and every corner of the United States – as they attempt to prove their baking prowess. 

Seeking all types of non-professional bakers from across the country. Whether you’re an athlete, teacher, truck driver or retiree, as long as you have the zest for baking, we want to hear from you!

Apply here or email the following information to Cynthia Magana (

Image courtesy of Foodie Baker // CC 2.0

  1. NAME (first and last) CITY/STATE where you live, and PHONE number to best reach you
  2. How long/often do you bake?
  3. One to three sentences telling us about your baking story? (How you go into baking)
  4. Recent photos of you/some baked goods you baked (jpg format please)

Good luck!!

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