Robin’s Candy Shop, aka Willy Wonka for Adults

Not long ago while window shopping on Newbury Street, my friends and I were thrilled to randomly run across a new candy store called Robin’s Candy Shop. Their original location is in Great Barrington, MA. 

The entrance
Fun chairs for lounging outside

Robin’s features “old-fashioned candies of yesteryear” and I’d say mission accomplished. Robin’s has such an awesome selection of candies that it is literally a Willy Wonka for adults. Check out these action shots:

Mix and match licorice? Okay!

I kind of need this for my apartment

Robin’s has the world’s largest jawbreakers. marshmallows, and gummy SNAKES:

Seriously these marshmallows were HUGE

This display case of classic wood thumb toys was extremely fun:

My friends really enjoyed the classic candy selection:

You know my favorite was the mini-fridge of whoopie pies. The chocolate chocolate whoopie pie was so good I came back soon after for another:

There was even a mini-fridge full of mochi ice creams: 

Check out their DIY slushies for $2.98:

The staff were very nice people. There was an issue with a product I bought and they responded courteously and promptly and even thanked me for coming back. When was the last time you heard that at a store? Will definitely go back again soon!

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  1. I love candy shops, I'm going to have to check this out! I'm at Newbury Street all the time but haven't noticed it yet – thanks for sharing!


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