Cheap Summer Treat: Costco’s Freshly Dipped Ice Cream Bar

Because Summer refuses to leave and give us relief from this sweltering heat, let’s try and make the most of it, shall we? 

An ideal treat to take your mind off the buckets of sweat you are oozing in this humidity can be found at your local Costco. No, I’m not kidding. For under $2 (okay plus a Costco membership) just look at this amazing hand-dipped chocolate bar:
I mean, how good this ice cream bar is doesn’t even make sense. The vanilla ice cream was very creamy and tasted like vanilla, which if you’ve sampled many vanilla ice creams you’re aware that this is more rare than one would expect. The kicker with this ice cream bar, besides the crazy cheap price and excuse to stock up on a year’s worth of home goodies at Costco, is the hand-dipped chocolate shell.  The milk chocolate was creamy, smooth, and tasted like high quality milk chocolate. My friend and I shared one but it was so huge we put it on this plate and attacked it with spoons. Overall I think we shared it well, or at least I don’t remember us fighting too violently over it:
Don’t forget to stock on on air conditioners on your way out. If this Winter is like the last one, we may need all the AC we can muster. I’ll be over here staring longingly at my Fall boots and snowshoes.

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