National Brownie Day is Dec. 8th – Enter to Win FREE Greyston Bakery Brownies!

I’m briefly coming out of dissertation hibernation to share that National Brownie Day is tomorrow AND you can enter a contest to win free Greyston Bakery Brownies and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for a year! Are you grinning your brownie smile yet?
“Brownie smile.” Some rights reserved by Zanastardust
You may recall that I’m a huge fan of Greyston Bakery and all they are trying to accomplish. It was such an honor to visit their bakery last year and learn how they are baking brownies to help their community grow and thrive.
Here’s their information on how to celebrate and win:
The Yonkers-based Greyston Bakery has supplied brownies to Ben & Jerry’s® for over 20 years; so, to celebrate National Brownie Day, December 8th, Greyston Bakery and Ben & Jerry’s® will be giving away a year’s supply of brownies (144 brownies) and ice cream (52 free pint coupons)to 2 lucky fans! Fans should post their ideal Ben & Jerry’s® ice cream and brownie sundae on Greyston Bakery’s Facebook page for a chance to win.  Entries need to be posted by 11PM EST – Dec 8, 2011.

Greyston Bakery makes over 3,000,000 lbs of brownies each year, a large part of which, goes into making Ben & Jerry’s® ice creams. Greyston Bakery’s brownies can be found in Ben & Jerry’s® favorites, such as Half Baked®, Chocolate Fudge Brownie™ and Dave Mathews Band Magic Brownies™.
Of course, I wouldn’t mind if you posted your ideal ice cream and brownie sundae recipe here either. 🙂
Some rights reserved by @joefoodie

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