The Cookie Dough of Dough

It’s not often that a small, local pizzeria can claim that their cookie dough is equally as good as their pizza dough, as in “sure the pizza and sandwiches are good, but have you tried the cookies?” Somehow they manage to do this at Dough in East Boston. It’s a small pizzeria, there are 3 tables and a couple bars to sit at and casual. It’s also likely that Phish will be playing when you walk in, giving the place something of a hip, Vermont vibe.

Main counter

The Cajun chicken cheesesteak sandwich is out of control good. I should mention that on my third visit, the owner takes one look at me, smiles, and starts making it for me. I’m not one to mess with perfection, I mean look at this sandwich:

Could you resist it? Although there is a Reuben menu that begs sampling:

So let me tell you about Dough’s triple chocolate chunk cookie. I offer you Exhibits A and B:

According to the owner, these cookies are made right on the premises. Chunks of chocolate mingle with chocolate chips and collide on top of one another. It’s like three different chocolate chip cookies met up to compose an irresistible indulgence:

The outside of the cookie is perfectly crisp and yet perfectly gooey and chocolately inside. Also FOLKS THIS COOKIE IS ONLY $2.

It’s large enough that it is difficult to eat the entire thing in one sitting so I highly recommend taking some home and serving it warm so all three kinds of chocolate are slightly melted to make it even more amazing. Heaven!

Of course the owner asked me on the way out if I had tried any other sandwiches, to which I honestly said no. Cuban Reuben here I come!

Dough East Boston

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