Deal-Crazy Mobs Not Always What They’re Cracked Up to Be

(Image courtesy of jenny downing // CC 2.0)

The Boston Globe has a nice article and interview with local restaurateurs exploring their experiences with businesses like GroupOn and LivingSocial deals. I’ve used these groups once (post forthcoming) and had such a miserable experience I’ve avoided them. Let’s just say it was like trying to get a cupcake from a sugar-crazed mob (see above). I think these groups can be great for bringing in new customers or trying something new at a place you already enjoy, but I tend to read the offers as “uh-oh, _____ is about to get people-bombed for the next month” and avoid it. And, of course, student budget restrictions render $30 meals, even if they are great deals, an extravagance to save up for rather than enjoy on a regular basis. Oh to finish this degree already…

Read the article here:
Voucher websites can bring in customers. Restaurants hope to make them regulars. (The Boston Globe)

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