The Exquisite Chocolate Sediment – Trader Joe’s Peppermint Hot Cocoa

I knew I was probably going to like Trader Joe’s new Peppermint Hot Cocoa, but I didn’t know I was going to love it. While browsing their “products of new hotness” display, I was pleasantly surprised to see this new product, especially since that familiar winter chill is now in the air, announcing the beginning of hot cocoa season.

You know the drill when you find a new product and read the label:

This product will be more wonderful than you ever imagined because it has [extravagant ingredient] from [exotic locale] that was [handcrafted/homemade/a watery tart threw it at you] and hereafter your every experience with similar products that are not ours will be permanently altered. And so it goes. So when this package of hot cocoa promised something special because it contained “bittersweet chocolate shavings” my initial, cynical reaction was OH REALLY?

And my response after having tried it is YES, REALLY. I was reminded of the chocolate martinis from Sophia’s in Fenway from many years ago. These martinis were remarkably layered concoctions designed to give a distinct taste at each of four layers, the last being pure liquid chocolate, leaving you with the best possible aftertaste. Oh Trader Joe’s, you’ve managed to do this with a powdered drink mix and all I can say is FTW!

As one might expect, the chocolate shavings begin to melt in the warm milk and I assumed they would be absorbed into the drink. Not so, although I’m not sure why this is so. Maybe I didn’t heat the drink to a temperature that would melt them completely?  Regardless, the chocolate shavings softened but did not disappear. Instead, at the conclusion of each delicious sip of hot cocoa, I was treated to a warm burst of chocolate.

Exhibit A: Chocolate sediment of yum.


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  1. We got this today and I have to agree with you! Yum-o!! (I had my water super hot…. and it didn't melt the chocolate shavings…)


  2. Karen Zgoda says:

    Glad you enjoyed it too! I don't know how they do it, but am so glad they do. 🙂


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