Sweet Events: September 21-26, 2010


Port & Chocolate Tasting
Finale, Coolidge Corner, (617) 232-3233

Experience a variety of complementary flavors, aromas, and sensations as we pair our Port wine with a selection of our most popular chocolate offerings.

Event hosted by local Port expert, Tim Murphy, and Finale’s Executive Pastry Chef Nicole Coady.


What the Fluff? Fluff Festival
Saturday, September 25 2010 3:00-7:00PM (raindate Sunday, September 26th)
Union Square Plaza, Somerville

It’s the fifth annual Fluff festival in Somerville and our madcap celebration continues to grow! “What the Fluff? A Tribute to Union Square Invention” honors Fluff creator, Archibald Query who invented the gooey sticky stuff right here in Union Square in 1917. Join our madcap tribute for all ages that includes musical, and theatrical performances, games stage and DIY midway, cooking contest and lots of tasty Fluff treats.

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