Nashoba Brook Bakery, Or One More Reason This City Mouse Needs to Visit the Country Mouse More Often

While visiting a friend out in West Concord, I had a chance to visit an actual Nashoba Brook Bakery. You may recall my love for the bread from this bakery. When Google Map indicated how close this bakery was to my friend’s house, I practically squealed with delight; even though visiting their sandwich shop was on my wishlist of places to visit here in Boston, it closed before I had the chance. The only way to sample their fantastic, fresh, chewy bread was at the supermarket, if the supermarket carried their bread and it was within my budget, i.e., if said loaf was less than $5. Le sigh.

So yes, I was very happy to visit the bakery and soooo happy with the results!  When trying to physically locate the property, note that is is far back from the road. The industrial side of the bakery, where the magic happens, is really, really large.  So large, in fact, that you can peer through a window to see the big rooms where the food is prepared. Behold the looking glass view:

The seating place of positive accolades, located between the bakery window and the hallway leading to the customer counter:

However, the bakery side for customers is quite small.  There are a few tiny, standing-only tables. I’m guessing most folks take their food and go.  Here are the “shelves of other local products”:

Good luck picking one item:

The guide to their breads:

I snagged a loaf of french bread which fulfills all your fantasies for perfectly chewy bread with a crunchy crust.  I also picked up some peach yogurt and granola:

I’m not sure I’ve ever chatted up yogurt before, as in “yes that bakery’s cupcake is a must-have, but have you tried their yogurt?” but had I known how good the yogurt at Nashoba was I would have picked up more to take home. The peach yogurt was so good and so fresh! I’m not sure how to describe it except it seemed they put freshly puréed peaches in the yogurt, infusing the entire yogurt with peachy highlights. If I lived nearby I’d buy this yogurt all the time. They also had strawberry yogurt; next time!

Nashoba Brook Bakery on Urbanspoon

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    On behalf of the entire Nashoba staff, thank you for your post! We strive to produce high quality, delicious breads and prepared foods, and it's great to hear we've made a customer happy. Come visit us again soon!


  2. Karen Zgoda says:

    My pleasure Jessica – will do!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice post. I feel like I learned more about the Bakery from reading your post than from going there myself.


  4. Karen Zgoda says:

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Definitely stop by for a visit!


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