How to Properly Enjoy Bites of Taza Stone Ground Chocolate

How long did it take you to figure out how to enjoy Taza Chocolate?  I’ll admit, I’ve always been able to enjoy it as hot cocoa but always felt like there was some secret to actually eating the chocolate by itself.  The grainy texture by itself I’ve always found…unappealing.

Recently I was fortunate to take a food writing class at the Boston Center for Adult Education where, lo and behold, one of my classmates worked at Taza!  She gave us all free samples of their Guajillo Chili Chocolate Mexicano (thank you!):

My classmate leaned in and suggested that to really appreciate the complex flavors in the chocolate, you should let the chocolate sit in your mouth to melt a bit.  The secret was out!  So simple, perhaps to some so obvious, but for me this was IT.  If you break off a small piece, let it sit in your mouth for at least 10 seconds (20 is even better), the crystalized texture starts to release all the different flavors, one by one, created by the stone ground chocolate process.  For the Guajillo Chili variety I sampled, the first flavor you taste is the pure chocolate.  Oh what a delight!  But even better was when the chili flavor kicked in – WOW.  The absolute best part was that the spicy, chocolate flavor stays on your tongue in the most satisfying of ways for awhile after you finish.  Delish!

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