Make a Bee-Line for Berry Line

Have you been to BerryLine yet?

I’ve only visited their location in Fenway but there are also locations in Porter Square and Harvard Square.  According to the counter person I chatted with, BerryLine is locally-owned and operated and has been open a couple years.  They use all-natural frozen yogurt, no frankenfood chemicals here, and their nutrition information is even posted on the window!

So a small (5 ounce) container has all of 125 calories and almost no sugar.  Talk about a healthy yet satisfying snack!  BerryLine has a nice, tart frozen yogurt, very similar to Chill over in Brighton (previously reviewed here).  If given the choice I’d probably head to Chill but BerryLine is more convenient to my commute these days.  Here’s my favorite, original with rainbow sprinkles:

I love the Fenway-themed art that depicts many neighborhood players, including universities, as cups of dancing frozen yogurt in Fenway Park, all getting along and happy.  I actually use this image as the wallpaper on my iPhone sometimes because it is so cheery:

I should also note that depending on when you arrive, BerryLine in Fenway may be filled with students and hipsters so it can be noisy and full of energy; if this is your sort of thing, bring your camera to photograph hipsters so you have something fun to submit to Look at this fucking hipster. It’s not always like this, I imagine, since I’m always getting yogurt to go.

Another fun part of the BerryLine experience besides the yummy yogurt itself is the flavor board comments above the register. Exhibit A: “Apricot – It tastes like an apricot.” Honesty, can’t you just dig it?

BerryLine on Urbanspoon

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