Fiore’s Bakery to Become New and Improved

It seems that Fiore’s Bakery is joining the remodeling boom, what with Java Jo’s recently reflooring and the First Baptist Church reopening in their new space, that has hit Jamaica Plain recently.

As first posted in the Jamaica Plain Gazette:

Fiore’s set to ‘relaunch’ on March 13

SOUTH ST.—Fiore’s Bakery is sprouting a new look, and owner Charlie Fiore promises it will be worth the construction dust. The menu is getting spruced up, the dining area is being redecorated, and the kitchen, heart of this five-year-old landmark, is being totally overhauled.

“It had been about five years too long,” the Jamaica Plain resident said. “It was time.”

A big push behind the changes are new chefs, Philip Kruta and Corey Isgur, both 20, but with years of experience already behind them. Fiore, Isgur and Kruta spoke to the Gazette recently at Fiore’s at 55 South St. next to Harvest Co-op.

“They’re very young and very snobby when it comes to food—in a good way,” Fiore said.

Read the rest of the article here.

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