15 Most Popular Posts of 2009

(Image courtesy of roboppy // CC 2.0)

You voted with your visits – take a trip down memory lane!

  1. Sweet Cupcakes Coming to Harvard Square
  2. Cookie Monster’s Analysis of Shakespeare (up from #3 last year)
  3. Best Dessert in Boston (up from #7 last year)
  4. Which Has More Calories: Hot Chocolate or a Burrito?
  5. Whoopie for Whoopie Pies (down from #4 last year)
  6. Bomba, Bomba, Don’t You Wanta? (#6 last year too!)
  7. A Nice Place to Chill
  8. Fly to When Pigs Fly Bakery (down from #2 last year)
  9. Cupcake Tea at the Ritz-Carlton
  10. Portuguese Sweet Bread Has Arrived in Brighton (down from #1 last year)
  11. 4 Burgers and a Chipwich
  12. Throughly Modern Milkshakes with Adam Reid Tuesday
  13. Kocham Polski I Owoców Deserowych Pierogis
  14. Best Hot Cocoa in Boston
  15. Wild Maine Blueberries Near You

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