Real Sugar is the New Sugar

No, really. At least, real sugar is the new way to savor sugar according to Corby Kummer, an Atlantic senior editor and curator of the food channel on In his article titled “Sugar and Spice,” Corby is delighted to learn that our beloved Necco Wafers has some special news:

“I did find heartening Halloween news: Necco wafers, a roll of which I try always to have in my jacket pocket, are just now changing from artificial flavors and neon colors to toned-down natural flavors and lovely, muted colors.”

He describes the new, natural flavors and colors as:
“much, much subtler than the ones I was used to: cinnamon less like Red Hots, lemon less like paper candy dots and more like lemon-meringue-pie filling. And the colors: I was certain that Martha Stewart, who had recently featured Necco wafers on a wedding cake (historically apt; the pièces montées that made Marie-Antoine Carême perhaps the first star chef, in the early 19th century, were made of gum tragacanth, the base of Necco wafers and still the base of many wedding-cake decorations), would be designing a line of paints around them.”

I’m very much looking forward to trying them out!

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