Cook’s Illustrated Featured in Boston Globe Magazine

I’m such a huge, huge fan of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine and their program America’s Test Kitchen. Much like what Julia Child tried to do with her “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” book, Cook’s Illustrated is about the how and why of cooking, not just the recipes. Let’s face it – no visit to a kitchen store or book store in this day and age is complete without perusing the shelves and shelves of cookbooks and yet, how many of them are just redundancies from one author to the next up-and-coming author? This is the main reason I hardly post recipes on this blog; recipes are a dime a dozen. But recipes worth making that have been tested? Those are recipes are worth every dime.

And unless you come prepackaged in this life with riches beyond imagination and all the time in the world to enjoy life, humans were never designed to somehow decipher between 100 competing recipes for pound cake. However, this is exactly the approach the fine folks at Cook’s Illustrated undertake by sifting through all the recipes and trying them out to discover the absolute best-tasting way to make a dish that you can actually replicate at home. Even better, usually once or twice a year Cook’s Illustrated will host an open house at their studio in Brookline Village (sign up for their email list to get notifications of special events) and I highly, highly recommend checking it out. Typically at these events their fabulous cookbooks will be offered at a discount as well.

So without further ado I strongly encourage you to check out the Boston Globe Magazine profile of Cook’s Illustrated. Bon appétit!

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