Herrell’s in Allston Now Allston Cafe

Up with originality and “funkiness,” according to the Globe, just please please please keep the chocolate pudding ice cream if possible:

The Herrell’s in Allston Village has always been a little different from other franchises in the ice cream chain. Other stores have a blue-and-white color scheme. In Allston, the walls are lemon-yellow and hung with local art. Other locations play light pop; this one blasts punk rock. The official Herrell’s logo: two teddy bears sharing a sundae. The Allston Herrell’s logo, now defunct: an ice cream cone shaped like a skull…

This year, Herrell’s Development Corp. decided they wanted to bring greater uniformity to their franchises, as part of the company’s effort to expand regionally. But rather than go corporate, the managers at the Allston shop say they have decided to leave the Herrell’s chain and keep their local quirkiness intact.

’’They wanted people to be able to walk into any Herrell’s across the nation and know it was a Herrell’s,’’ said manager and prospective owner Page Masse, 39, of Allston. “We wanted to keep it the fun, funky place that it is.’’

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