How Sweet Sweet Is

Have you had the pleasure of trying Sweet cupcakes yet?

Very nice cupcakes! What is most distinctive about their cupcakes is that they are very light, have a subtle flavor, and yet are not underwhelming in taste. For those in the mood for a sweet treat or a break from the crowds on Newbury St., Sweet is perfect, especially the mini-cupcakes. I tried the Sweet cake, which is a yellow cupcake with Madagascar vanilla frosting, and a mini red velvet cupcake. I love how the Sweet cake has little flecks of fresh vanilla. Both were very yummy.

The atmosphere is very pleasant, similar to the traditional bakery feel of Lulu’s Bakeshoppe in the North End yet with a modern twist. For example, when I stopped by Sweet had West Side Story playing on a hd tv, Sugar Sugar playing on the radio, and a digital frame with a cupcake slideshow on the counter.

Especially noteworthy is that Sweet also sells small cups of frosting for $.25 and mini-cupcakes for a quick sweet bite. I love this trend of selling smaller cupcakes or small cups of frosting; I love sweets but don’t always have time to walk up and down Newbury to burn off the calories, know what I mean?

If taking cupcakes home heat them in the microwave for about 10 seconds for a just out of the oven taste. Highly recommend!

Sweet on Urbanspoon

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