Kocham Polski I Owoców Deserowych Pierogis

Rough translation (courtesy of Google Translate):

I love Polish dessert and fruit pierogis!

Behold the yummy goodness of the Polish cheesecake to your left, courtesy of the fine folks at Cafe Polonia in South Boston. Cafe Polonia serves fine Polish food in an intimate setting. My family is Polish and every time I walk into Cafe Polonia (or their deli across the street with the greatest kielbasa EVER) I’m instantly transported to my great-grandmother’s kitchen. Anyways, this cheesecake is not your typical cheesecake made from Philadelphia brand cream cheese. The cheesecake at Cafe Polonia is handmade from Polish baker nearby and is probably the heaviest, most dense cheesecake you will ever eat. I recommend splitting a piece with friends, especially if you are not used to heavy, Polish food.

In terms of the heaviness of Polish cuisine, a dinner companion described it as similar to Russian. Obviously this is food designed to get you through the cold, winter months. Indeed, this is one of the best restaurants to visit on a cold, winter night for yummy comfort food.

However, the weather is still warm enough to enjoy a summer treat at Cafe Polonia. You should not miss their fruit-filled pierogis! Pierogis are dumplings typically filled with meat, cheese, or potatoes and served with sauteed onions. The summer variety contains fresh blueberries with a light, creamy cheese sauce on top:

So good, so good! Again, splitting them between friends is probably a good idea. If you are in the mood for a lighter dessert, try their nalesniki or blintzes. Similar to crepes, nalesniki come filled with either cheese or fruit and are so yummy!

Of course, when asking for these treats by name, you might want to brush up on your Polish pronunciation.

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  1. claire says:

    thanks for the find! I used to live smack dab in the middle of little poland in NY, and I was wondering where I could get my piorgi fix now that i\’m in boston!


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