Inside the Minds of Baked Goods Judges

Ever wonder how baked good judges think? Check out these judges from the Marquette County Fair in Sands Township, Michigan. Read more about the Fair here. Here is a sample:

“The pies wait. So do the cookies and cupcakes, the doughnuts and the sweet rolls, the yeast breads and quick breads and breads made with fruit. All competing for ribbons of Olympian distinction; all awaiting the arrival of judges with knives to cut the tension.

“Entries are open to the world,” say the rules of the Marquette County Fair. They also say those entries have to be in by 8 this evening, so that all judging can be completed by tomorrow’s official opening, when people rush to the display case to see who won what with what.

But look at the time: 8:30 already, with the Upper Peninsula sky turning the color of overcooked blueberries. The exhibition hall is all but deserted, and the judges are nowhere to be — wait! Cars have just pulled up outside!”

All those pies look so yummy – definitely check it out!

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