Sweet, Sweet Christopher’s Dessert Cafe

How sweet it is indeed! Have you been to Sweet Christopher’s Dessert Cafe yet? My time here was truly neighborly. The owner was so nice, he warmly greeted me upon entering. The other two diners in the cafe smiled warmly at us; you got the sense that they probably came in often and were used to chatting with other patrons. Sweet Christopher’s is named after the son of the owner and his partner.

The owner warmly gave detailed descriptions of every item on the menu, down to the Equal Exchange coffee and hot cocoa they serve. Eating an early dinner at the nearby Purple Cactus Cafe (do NOT miss their nachos – yum!) I already had an Equal Exchange coffee with me. But Equal Exchange hot cocoa….oh, I’m looking forward to revisiting and having one of those!

Sweet Christopher’s also participates in theBoston Community Change program, a great program that helps promote Boston area businesses.

The baked goods here are not baked on premises but baked by an assortment of local bakers, which I thought sounded odd at first but makes sense if you want to provide a variety of goods or don’t have space for ovens. Deliveries are made daily to supply constantly turning over product. It’s a pretty Innovative model for a bakery. I should note that the owner told me that Items with chocolate coating tend to get snatched up first so plan your visit accordingly!

The rum cake was awesome and almost exactly like my “stinking drunk on rum” cake, very buttery and moist and delicious:

The carrot cake was also very good, moist, with alternating layers of cake and soft, almost whipped cream frosting:

Frog cookie was also yummy and so cute to look at this photo is currently the wallpaper on my phone:

I also sampled the Chocolate Decadence Cake (yum!):

And sampled the extremely yummy Plum Fruit Tart:

Overall my experience at Sweet Christopher’s was very enjoyable. I’m definitely looking forward to a return trip!

Sweet Christopher's on Urbanspoon

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