Cupcakes Go Glam!

As an end of the semester pick-me-up/reward, I recently spent a Saturday morning taking the Cupcakes Go Glam! class with Marcy Kaminski at the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE).

What a nice treat! Marcy works as a personal chef and, along with her son to help out in the kitchen, did a fantastic job of helping the class bake 3 (3!) rounds of cupcakes in less than 3 hours. Quite impressive, indeed. I was inducted into the Limoncello Cupcake group:

Another group made Apple Caramel Cupcakes (yes, that is freshly made caramel on top!):

And yet another group made Black Forest Cupcakes, something of a cupcake sandwich with two layers of cupcake, whipped cream, morello cherries, and chocolate shavings:

The BCAE has tons of other food offerings. I’m very much looking forward to taking a cake decorating class in the future. Oh, to decorate cakes all day…*sigh*

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