Kickass Cupcakes are, Indeed, Kickass

Not long ago I travelled up to Davis Square to check out Kickass Cupcakes:

Unfortunately I neglected to write down my thoughts on the cupcakes themselves so I had to make a return trip, which, upon reflection, is not really so unfortunate after all. Here is the loot from my first trip. In the lower left corner is the amazing Mojito cupcake, the lower right corner is the vanilla cupcake, and the upper right corner is the chocolate cupcake:

As you can judge for yourself, it is extremely difficult to choose only a couple cupcakes with so many yummy choices:

This time around I picked up their vanilla cupcake, raspberry twist cupcake, and Nutty Nana with “chocolate banana cupcake with cashew nougat center topped with chocolate ganache and cashews” (quote from kickass web site). My favorite of these was the raspberry twist as it had a gooey, raspberry filling. However, in the upper right corner you will notice the best and most unique part of the Kickass experience – a cup of vanilla frosting!

The “cup of frosting” is by far my favorite part of visiting Kickass Cupcakes. The first time I went I thought it was ridiculous to buy a cup of frosting but after I tasted the cupcakes, I realized Kickass was just giving the people what they wanted – more delicious, top-notch, gooey frosting. This is an item I will be picking up again! Judging by the reaction of another happy frosting taster, I know I won’t be alone:

Kickass Cupcakes in Somerville

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