The Sweet Understatement of Sweet Finnish

Sweet Finnish, a self-described “old world pastry” shop, is comfortably nestled in the southern part of the Jamaica Plain retail strip on Centre St. Today a friend bought me their ginger cookie, which was a wonderful, grown-up version of a soft, ginger snap cookie with vanilla frosting:

And their cheesecake brownie, layered with brownie and cheesecake batter and loaded with chocolate chips:

Those who love Sweet Finnish will tell you they offer no intense, death by chocolate experience. In fact, they will wow you with their tales of how this sweetly understated cafe keeps them coming back for more. My friend describes Sweet Finnish as “a spacious, well-lit cafe that fills a niche on Centre St. for a cafe to just hang out. You will often find folks chilling out or quietly working. Even if it is crowded you will seldom see a line. The staff are very pleasant and will go out of their way to serve you, even making you iced tea which is not on the menu. It has a much different atmosphere than, say, J. P. Licks, where you hunker down with a sundae and write your manifesto…in the dark…with your favorite comrades…or so I’m told. And Sweet Finnish is also not full of kids dripping butterscotch onto your thesis.”

To get your butterscotch-free thesis completed today, head over to Sweet Finnish!

Sweet Finnish in Jamaica Plain

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