Fruit Plate Highly Recommended. Seriously.

I ended up at Finale Desserts tonight and had a wonderful experience. I was looking for somewhere to hang out and do some homework that wasn’t Dunkin Donuts for a change. The Dunkin near where I live closes daily at 2:30am and they play CNN on this TV hanging from the ceiling, not to mention a steady stream of Brookline cops parading through the door, so it’s a pretty temtping option for night owls with homework. Tonight I just felt like something different. Luckily the Finale in Coolidge Corner closes at 11:30pm most weeknights so I decided to check it out.

I had visited this location for the first time right after they opened and wasn’t much impressed. The Creme Brulée left much to be desired and I was surprised to like this offering much better at Flour Bakery & Cafe. Being their first week I didn’t hold a grudge so I was excited to check them out again. Oh my, you should too! Trying to indulge without wearing all the calories for the next week (and I walked 30 minutes there and back) I ordered the fruit plate. No seriously, I ordered the fruit plate. Wow, it was amazing! Not that fruit in and of itself is inherently exciting, unless of course you pair it with vanilla gelato and the coolest thing ever – a dish for the gelato made entirely of baked pralines and some sort of sugar mixture to hold it all together. Yum – don’t delay in checking this out!

Finale Coolidge Corner on Urbanspoon

Coming soon – an update on the local cupcake scene…in the past few months it has really blossomed!

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