Bomba, Bomba, Don’t You Wanta?

My softball team played quite a few games this summer near the Jamaicaway in Jamaica Plain. Despite being spoiled rotten by the beautiful views of Olmsted Park, my path to get there takes me by a Bertucci’s. It iss incredibly difficult to pass up a piping hot plate of pasta after a softball game and I’m so glad I gave in to temptation today. Bertucci’s has a new dessert called Bomba that you should not pass up. Bomba is a layer of vanilla and chocolate gelato, separated by a layer of sliced almonds dusted with cinnamon and a marciano cherry, and covered in a layer of dark chocolate. The bomba is then split into four different pieces with a dallop of whipped cream and chocolate sauce in the middle. The chocolate covering makes the entire dessert worth eating; instead of being hard and crunchy or flaky, the dark chocolate melts in your mouth. Did I mention that the Bomba is only $5? And that if you are extra nice to your waitress, she will give you a bag of rolls to take home for free?

Apparently there are other local restaurants with their own Bomba that I will check into. In the meantime, dig in at Bertucci’s!

Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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