Of doughnuts and cubicles (Boston Globe Article)

I can completely relate to this article! It also reminds me of why I will probably start a bakery someday (need capital and a dependable morning person first 😉

Of doughnuts and cubicles
By Kate McCarthy, 6/19/05

I’ll never forget landing my first office job.

Fresh out of college, my resume consisted of a bachelor’s degree and a lengthy work history at the local doughnut shop. My new boss was a hotshot manager at a high-tech startup and she graciously gave me a shot as her administrative assistant, while never letting me forget that pouring coffee was the only significant skill that I brought to the table. It was my entry to the “real world”, and I never imagined, as I donned my doughnut uniform and punched my time card for my final shift, that I would someday miss my days of pouring coffee and filling doughnuts, and that in some ways that world was far more “real” than the one I was about to enter.

The new job was all that I had hoped for. I had my own desk, my own computer, and my own phone. I wasn’t important enough for my own walls – cloth or otherwise – but that would come later. Each day after work, my parents asked what I did, and I told them “nothing”.

It wasn’t that I didn’t do anything; it was more that I wasn’t sure what I did qualified as work. I responded to email, I answered the phone, and I more-or-less directed traffic around the office. It wasn’t clear that my daily activities contributed to the company bottom line, but at least I wasn’t pouring coffee. Well, maybe once in a while I was…

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