Couch Potato Chocolate Fest

Technically my studio apartment is too small to have a couch; however, with homework and work demands these days, I seem to be spending more time here. Which is not a bad thing considering that my bathroom is clean and my laundry is done. But I digress…this extra time at home has also allowed me to indulge in some fine supermarket junk food. I highly recommend Dilettante Chocolate Bing Cherries in Milk & White Chocolate available at Trader Joe’s albeit with a warning: it is not possible to eat only one. For those looking for a health angle to consume sweets, just remember that you are eating dried fruit in addition to chocolate, which itself has been known to provide benefits. Also high on the junk food hit list are Wholefoods Organic Chocolate Truffles. Technically you could eat just one, but to quote Homer Simpson, mmm…chocolate.

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