A Perfect Slice of Chocolate Cake

Eating a bad slice of chocolate cake is still, in the end, enjoying a piece of chocolate cake. However, it is difficult to find a truly great piece of chocolate cake. While the home-baked variety is always a special treat, one would think that a dessert with only two major components, frosting and cake, would be easy to produce commercially and sell. This has not proved to be the case. Most restaurants and bakeries that I have sampled, and not that I have sampled a large variety, have a lackluster slice of chocolate cake that does not live up to its decadent appearance. A great slice should have soft, gooey, chocolatey frosting gracing the top of a chocolately, moist, and succulent cake. Not too sweet and not too bitter, you should feel the chocolate melt in your mouth as the two textures blend together. While an especially creative presentation may initially earn ooohs and aaahs, if the cake itself isn’t that great the presentation is really irrelevant. Even if Johnny Damon himself brought it to your table…and spoon-fed you each bite…but I digress…just kindly remember to get me an autograph…and the whole story…

Surprisingly enough, Trident Booksellers & Cafe has a slice of chocolate cake so good I would personally deem it a masterpiece. Trident is known for a relaxing atmosphere, good book selection, enticing cafe, and independent bookseller status. The next time you stop by to browse the latest reads or book-ish hotties, I strongly encourage you to try a slice of their chocolate fudge cake. It is truly amazing. The frosting layer is so gooey it is almost liquid, but instead of oozing off the sides it sits lightly on top the cake layer in a pleasing ripple. Said ripple also contains a piece of chocolate on top and a layer of chocolate chips on the back side. The decadent frosting is woven between three layers of cakey goodness. What is most satisfying about this chocolate cake is that it is not dry at all, moist while not soggy, and literally melts in your mouth. It also actually tastes like chocolate, not some overly sweet confection with hints of chocolate. The waiter today also placed a sliced strawberry in a dollop of whipped cream on the plate serving as the perfect finish after each bite.

When you next head to Trident, and you will, do ask for the chocolate fudge cake by name…

Trident Booksellers & Cafe on Urbanspoon

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