Eat Your Veggies

I am slowly, ever so slowly, finding ways to eat more veggies. It has been a long struggle to find veggies I like and will actually eat on a day to day basis. However, while on a recent trip to Zathmary’s in Coolidge Corner, I found myself looking around their many offerings for lunch. You can get anything from sandwiches to sushi to random homestyle dinner entrees to pizza. While pizza is not what normally comes to mind when you think of a baked good, many baking books have recipes for pizza dough, foccacia, etc.

Speaking of pizza, with the Upper Crust Pizzeria right across the street, pizza at Zathmary’s is a tough sell. It is difficult to find a slice that pleases a native New Yorker, especially in Boston, but the pizza at Upper Crust is always fresh, delightfully tasty, and surprisingly inexpensive. I think the baker at Zathmary’s must have sensed my hesitation because as I was walking by his counter, he pulled out a fresh veggie pizza from the oven and slipped it into the display case. Typically in this situation my gut reaction would have been something like “why would someone go and ruin a good slice with all those vegetables?” I can honestly say that never have I thought “wow that veggie pizza looks good” until this moment. The Zathmary’s slice was overloaded with red peppers, onions and many other veggies obscured by oddles and oodles of mozzarella cheese. I was definitely sold. You’ll have to try it for yourself to believe it but the slice was amazing. Highly recommend it especially if just coming out of the oven (if pizza sits in a display case too long it will look dry on top and greasy on the bottom, not a pleasant dining experience). Absolutely delicious! Zathmary’s is always a pleasure to explore, the staff are friendly, they have a vast selection of goods, and now I have another reason to stop by. You should too!

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