Whoopie for Whoopie Pies

I post knowing that my search for the perfect Whoopie Pie is not yet complete. I first tried Whoopie Pies at Whole Foods Markets, which sounds a little odd as Whole Foods is based in Austin, Texas. According to an article in the Boston Globe, Whoopie Pies have their origins in the Northeast. Some web sites claim they were originally created in Maine, others claim Massachusetts, and yet others imply these delicious cakes were a gift from the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Commercially they were delivered to hungry consumers via the Berwick (Maine) Cake Company from 1927-1977 in Roxbury, MA. Incidentally, I know some folks who currently rent the old Berwick company space and rather enjoy imagining the smell of fresh, chocolatey cakes and sweet cream in the air. Although I love history, I love finding good Whoopie Pies locally even better. 🙂

Debate also exists on what constitutes the ideal Whoopie Pie, a rather interesting dilemma for a simple handheld treat that sandwiches filling between two chocolate cakes. My favorite use shortening and Fluff, giving the filling a heavy yet satisfying texture. Some bakeries in the North End, notably Bova’s and Mike’s Pastry, prefer to use a cream-based mixture (like a heavy whipped cream), causing some of the filling to leak out as you try to eat it. If you are looking for a lighter pie to munch on, go for the cream-based version, but if you want to try full flavor and texture (and honestly, one will last a few days if refridgerated) you may as well try the other. Whole Foods actually has a decent pie which you can usually pick up in their bakery cold case. I got in the habit of picking one up when I stop there. While in Maine last weekend for the Rockland Lobster Festival, I had the pleasure to sample a locally made Whoopie Pie and highly recommend you pick one up the next time you are up north. If you can’t wait for time to take a road trip, the Maine Goodies site may be worth a visit. Mmmm…Whoopie Pies…

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  1. Maine Foodie says:

    Thanks for the nice write-up on whoopie pies… Living in Maine, guess I get spoiled by having lots of options! I agree with you about vegetable shortening being a little heavy, and stay away from transfats whenever I can. For me, the winning whoopie pies are these ones from the Cranberry Island Kitchen, an upscale Maine bakery that uses all natural ingredients, real homemade butter, organic eggs, etc. A little more than your average whoopie pie but well worth it, in my opinion! (plus you can order online)


  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for the tip, the whoopie pies at this site look amazing!


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