Lasting DNC Legacy? John Kerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

What better way to experience the fun of a city formerly teaming with delegates than to check out John Kerry’s former cookie stand, Kilvert & Forbes, in Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall. A Kerry supporter found the perfect way to get me to support his campaign (thanks Dan!) by enlightening me on the candidate’s sweet past. According to the Kilvert & Forbes web site, Kerry started the cookie business with K. Dunn Gifford as a result of an unsatisfied sweet tooth. The name is a combination of their mothers’ maiden names. Kerry used his family cookie recipes for the business and even sent home-baked cookies to his daughters while in school. Although he long ago sold his interest in the cookie business, the stand remains in the big hall in Quincy Market; if you are not observant, you might walk right past it.

I tried the chocolate chip cookie, the dark chocolate chunk cookie, and the milk chocolate peanut butter cup. The chocolate in these products was very, very good. It had a very refined quality and melted nicely on the tongue. The texture of the cookies, however, left much to be desired. It seemed as though something was just off; they were chewy and it seemed as though the batter was runny when the cookies were baked. While this did not affect the taste of the cookie overall, the texture was noticeable. Perhaps this was an off day for cookies. The peanut butter cup was incredible; the peanut butter was creamy and smooth, not coarse like one might find in a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Not that I wouldn’t eat a Reese’s, mind you, but these differences are useful for comparison.

I would probably eat the peanut butter cup again but might hesitate about munching more cookies. Check them out yourself!
Kilvert & Forbes

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